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vg_lyrical's Journal

♫ Video Game Lyrical
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video game icontest based on lyrics

Hello there and welcome to VG_LYRICAL, a music based icontest on Livejournal.

All themes will be posted on Friday- around 10PM EST. (Timezones?) And voting polls will be posted a week later. Voting will run for the weekend, and results shall be posted no later than 10PM EST. that night- Unless stated otherwise.

For more information on how everything works, please check below. If anything is unclear, feel free to ask! the mods would be more than happy to help answer any issues or questions you may have.

You must be a member to participate.
Only official related items can be used. Such as Artbooks, Movies, Animes, TV Shows, etc. Fanart will not be allowed.
No Hentai! shounen-ai and shoujo-ai are perfectly fine.
Voting for your own is not allowed, nor is soliciting for people to vote for you.
You may enter up to three icons. They must meet LJ's guidelines and must not be found anywhere until the contest ends.

Not following the rules could lead to a ban. So just be good and have fun, okay?


There are 4 types of themes, and they shall be rotated through from week to week.

! lyrics
use at least 2 consecutive words
inspired by song / lyrics. Icons must be textless.
!free week
users can use lyrics from the song of their choice. Must include song title in submissions and at least 2 consecutive words.
! random
theme will be a surprise of either my choosing or picked from the suggestions.

misc information

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